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Simcoe News - Adj Tos Council votes to have gravel pit documents peer reviewed



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PowerPoint Presentations

August 20th Powerpoint

Feb 2015 Presentation

Technical Considerations (Clint MacDonald) April 14, 2015

Everett Rate Payers Association April 14, 2015

Objections Overview April 14, 2015

Letters of Objection

County of Simcoe and Ministry of Natural Resources

Nottawasaga Conservation Authority

Engineeering Reports

Burnside Report

Further Reading

Gravel is NOT in short supply


Powerpoint Presentations

Feb  2015 Presentation

Technical Considerations (Clint MacDonald) April 14, 2015

Everett Rate Payers Association April 14, 2015

Objections Overview April14, 2015

Organizational Objection Letters

County of Simcoe

Nottawasaga Conservation Authority

Objections for your Letters


  • Extraction of sand & gravel below the established water table = water reduction & pollution of same
  • Reduction in or fear of future loss of well water needs to be monitored on a monthly basis
  • Well water flow reversal causing well output losses
  • Reduction in groundwater / aquifer quantity and quality
  • Washing on site roads
  • Washing aggregate and dumping into Boyne or Tosorontio waterways  
  • Pollution of water in Boyne River and Tosorontio Creek – flow to Earl Rowe Park, Nottawasaga River and north to Georgian Bay
  • Effect on wetlands north of property
  • On-site truck leakage of oil, diesel antifreeze, rust, pesticides, brine solutions and silt into water
  • Effect on natural soil filtration enabling air and soil containment easy access to our pristine water aquifer
  • Water drainage affected forever 
  • Effects pollution and flow of our world class rivers bisecting our township

Natural Environment

  • Loss of life giving woodlands, wetland, marshes and meadows in the entire area
  • Loss/reduction of groundwater levels or stores which support our natural systems
  • Loss of wildlife habitats, populations and species at risk – bobolink, bank swallow, steelhead trout (return to spawn)
  • Road kill of wildlife
  • Loss of enjoyment of natural areas lower quality of life
  • Leakage of oil, diesel, antifreeze, rust, pesticides and salt on site forever
  • Pollution and noise
  • Effects of pollution and noise on farmland, farm animals and crops 
  • We are located at the base of the Niagara Escarpment and atop of the Oak Ridges Moraine

Air Quality

  • Poor air quality contributing to breathing problems
  • Dust, dirt, grit covering adjacent properties
  • Gravel truck exhaust/emissions
  • Gravel trucks idling = air emissions
  • Gravel trucks mud and dust

Returning Materials to the Site

  • Unknown materials are going to be returned to the site
  • One truck every 85 seconds cannot be inspected for contamination
  • Creation of berms with possibly contaminated materials 
  • Cost of inspection of materials in trucks returning to site
  • Inability to monitor and test and all returning materials
  • Permanent pollution clean-up costs


  • Just south of our community, three young people have been killed by gravel trucks
  • Accidents and death involving gravel trucks
  • Speeding and tailgating by gravel trucks
  • Gravel truck spills of stones and gravel on roads
  • Well-water reversal causing e. coli contamination of drinking water
  • Dust affecting health
  • Gasoline, oil and lubricating spills contaminating the drinking water
  • Speeding trucks “100 km/hr.” through some populated areas
  • Caledon 2014 – 50% of inspected trucks were put out of service


  • Inspections of trucks for safety issues and cost of same
  • Enforcing speed limits of trucks = our cost of O.P.P.
  • Blind spots on County Road 13
  • Operation 6am to 7pm possibly 6 days/week
  • Approximately 1 truck every 85 seconds – DAMAGE TO OUR ROADS
  • Trucks and machinery are refueled on site with strong possibilities of leakage
  • Trucks will leak oil, diesel, rust, antifreeze, pesticides, brine, solutions and silt on site and on roads
  • Speed limits, “100 km/hr in 80 km/hr” zone (report quote)
  • In Caledon 2014, 50% of inspected trucks were put out of service


  • From industrial operations
  • Early morning operation, 6am to 7pm
  • Gravel trucks using noisy engines and brakes
  • Gravel trucks and exhaust muffler noise
  • Many complaints about noise in Nelson/Lafarge/Burlington


  • Soil drainage problem forever
  • Soil enrichment and replacement problem forever
  • Company provides surety for rehabilitation within an agreed time frame and guarantee if bankruptcy
  • Our population will double in 30 years – where will we farms
  • Only 1 in 2.5 pits have been rehabilitated in Ontario and then usually just filled with water


  • Huge road repairs = millions of dollars
  • Higher cost for O.P.P. – inspection of trucks, speeding
  • Adj/Tos staff, legal services
  • Inspection of loads on returning trucks
  • Signage on all public roads - speeds, tonnage
  • Costs of rehabilitation of wells, ground water and soil restoration